"The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, with over 17,000 Members, united by a common appreciation of the engineering skills and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the pioneers, and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they rode in days gone by."


Helping you register an Historic Vehicle with the DVLA 



The dating officer of the VMCC, in conjunction with researchers, machine examiners and expert knowledge of other specialists, will conduct a search based on  the information provided by the applicant to establish the date of manufacture of a vehicle.  There are three ways we can help you to register a historic vehicle with the DVLA.  Please see this flow chart to show the different ways to register historic vehicles.




Please make sure you read through all the information below, if you have any queries please contact the Library on 01283 540557 (Option 1) between the hours of 9am and 5.30 pm.  



1.       Reclaim an original registration number, you must supply pre 1983 documentary evidence linking the frame and engine number (please see page 2 of the V765 form explaining what evidence the DVLA will accept).  Please see our A1 form for more information. 

VMCC A1 Form Download
VMCC A1 Instructions Download
V765 Form Download
V55/5 Click Here



2.       If you have a completely original motorcycle that has been repaired or restored and you need an age related registration number, we can provide a statement of search certificate.  The motorcycle must consist of the original unaltered frame, engine, gearbox, wheels/hubs and forks.  DVLA will allow a change of engine only.  Please see the A2 form for more information


VMCC A2 Form Download



3.        If you have built a motorcycle using parts from more than one motorcycle, the vehicle should be registered as a reconstructed classic, all parts must be 25 years and older, all of the same specification, the vehicle must be a true reflection of the make.   Your vehicle will be issued with a new VIN number, the year of manufacture will be based on the latest datable component.   Please see the A3 form for more information.   Please see DVLA INF26 leaflet explain how to register kit cars and rebuilt or radically altered vehicles. If you have built your motorcycle using a mixture of new and used components, you will be issued a Q registration number.  The vehicle must have a MSVA please see the DVLA website for more information.  https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/q-registration-numbers


VMCC A3 Form Download
DVLA INF26 Download



You can use a  Registration document from any country within the  EU as Dating evidence.  The document must confirm  the make, date of registration/year of manufacturer and the frame number.   You need to follow the DVLA instructions to register a new vehicle.  Go to the DVLA website for more information https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/new-registrations


If the manufacturer still exists you must apply to the manufacturer for a dating letter first, if they can’t help then apply to an owners club.   



If your vehicle has been manufactured outside the UK or originally despatched outside the UK, you need to apply to HMRC for a Notification of vehicle arrival letter. 


If you want to change a year of manufacture on a vehicle already registered with the DVLA, you need to supply the DVLA with an extract from the manufacturers records or Glasses Motor Cycle check book, please contact the library for more information.  


For more information you Contact the DVLA on 0300 7906802.