2023 Annual General Meeting


SUNDAY 26th MARCH 2023, 11.00AM

The Formal agenda has been been published in the February 2023 Journal and also below here on the website.

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Click here for the AGM Notice

Click here for Online Voting and Proxy Form

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Pre-AGM Discussion Zoom Calls

Prior to the AGM, there will be a number of Zoom meetings during which members can hear from the Directors and ask questions relevant to the AGM topics. Zoom meetings are limited to a maximum of 40 Minutes.

Participants are advised to read the Guidance notes which will guide these meetings.
Click here for VMCC standing orders for meetings

These are scheduled for the following dates:

Wednesday February 8th - 18:00 - Finances
Summary of meeting is in the March Journal Page 123

Wednesday February 22nd - 18.00 - Events
Outcome of Events pre-AGM Meeting

Wednesday March 8th - 18.00 - Finance

Summary of meeting is in the March Journal Page 123

Wednesday, March 15th - 18.00 - Benefits of Membership

Outcome of Membership Benefits pre-AGM Meeting

Wednesday, March 22nd - 18.00 - General Discussions

Outcome of the General Discussion pre-AGM Meeting

Formal Notice of the Annual General Meeting Sunday, 26th March 2023

Formal Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd will be held on Sunday 26th March 2023 at 11:00am. National Memorial Arboretum Croxall Road Alrewas, Staffordshire, DE13 7AR with registration on www.vmcc.net/agm from February 2023.

Refreshments will be served from 10:30AM

1. Welcome by the Chair Mario Costa-Sa BSc (Eng.) MBA
2. Remember with respect members who have passed during the last year.
3. Record apologies for absence.
4. Approve the arrangements for the 2023 AGM, elect two Scrutineers and agree upon recording the vote.
5. Approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 1st May 2022. Click here for Draft minutes
6. Consider Matters Arising from those Minutes not otherwise included in this Notice.
7. Receive Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2022.
8. Authorise the Board to appoint the auditors and determine the auditors’ remuneration.
9. Approve by Ordinary Resolution

Click here for Club Leadership Team’s Net Achievements in 2021/22.
Click here for Revised Club Three Year Forward Action Plan.
Club Membership and Marketing Teams achievements and Forward plan10. Approve by Special Resolution Constitutional Change to Articles:Changes to allow for remote participation (e.g., Zoom) in General MeetingsAddition of Membership Classes to allow members the option of reduced costs for a simplified service.
Removal of the cost and administrative burden of receiving only paper documents for administrative matters by allowing digital documents as well as paper ones.Extend the requirement for time horizons on Forward Plans and Budgets from One Year to between Two and Three Years from the start of each financial year.

Click here for Draft Articles
Click here for Draft Byelaws

11. Approve by Ordinary Resolution Changes to Byelaws proposed by members: which may or may not be supported by the Board and the wider Club:

The Club is keen to ensure member resolutions are heard out at General Meetings.

These should be considered with special care and if passed may be seen as ineffective, defamatory, frivolous or vexatious.

Click here for Member Proposed resolutions

11a. Amendment of Byelaw 2.1 Removal of the requirement for the President to be a director, legally responsible for acting in the interests of the Club with full access to information, voting and board meeting attendance rights.
11b. Amendment of Byelaw 3.3.2 – large expenditure over £25k per single item approved by President and the Area Representatives OR all of membership OR no change (75% of Directors).
11c. Amendment Byelaw 1.2.5 – remove the Board’s authority to confer and remove Honorary Membership - thereby prohibit future awards at short notice made to Major Tom for his contribution to the NHS and to terminally ill VMCC members with a severely limited life expectancy.Elect:Directors standing early for re-election or against by member proposed resolution

12. Elect
12ai. Re-appointment of Mario Costa-Sa Chair, Director, Publisher of the Journal

12aii. Re-appointment of Cliff Harris Finance & HR Director
12b. President Elect - Neil Lewis
12c. Area Reps
12ci. Scotland Crawford Logan

13. Confer:
13a. Awards
13b. Recognition

Closure of voting and formal business.

14. Members Debate:

Members are invited to propose and debate motions chosen on the day between

  • The future of the Library and Allen House
  • Preserving the Dreadnought and other machines of exceptional value
  • The way forward for the VMCC shop
  • Reducing the cost of the Journal- altering frequency to bi-monthly or quarterly
    lowering the quality


  • Members have the right to vote by Proxy. Formal Notice and Proxy Voting forms, which may be photocopied, are sent with the February Journal.
  • Meeting Papers with more information on Resolutions and Electronic voting will be available from vmcc.net/agm from 1st February
  • Clarification & discussion Zoom meetings will be held across February & March with a schedule on vmcc.net/agm
  • Lunch will be served at 1PM to all who have prebooked and paid a £5 fully refundable deposit.
  • The National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) have generously included free parking in our booking for the AGM, however, as a charitable non-profit organisation that is free to enter they do rely on the parking fees to offset their running costs. Should you wish to pay for your parking as a contribution to the NMA please do so at the reception desk at the main entrance, £6.00 on the day or £4.00 if paid online in advance.


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