Key Dates for 2023

Key event dates for 2023 will be published in the Journal on a monthly basis from November until teh Diary of 1000 rides.

The deadline for key dates for 2023 is 1st October to feature in the Wall Calendar which is designed in October printed and distributed to all VMCC members in November

Cut off date for the Diary of 1000 Rides is currently set for 1st November 2022 to feature in the 2023 Diary.

Banbury Run 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Banbury Run will take place in 2023. The date, Fathers Day, has been set for Sunday, June 18th, 2023 at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. Please visit the Banbury Run dedicated website ( to get the latest updates, details and registration forms when they become available. It is hoped that the event will comprise the usual mix of autojumble, bike display, club stands and auction as well as the run itself. It is also hoped that a social run will be organised for Saturday. Make a note in your diary now to attend this premium event.

Festival of 1000 Bikes

The prestigious Festival of 1000 Bikes returned in 2022. The 2023 date and venue is likely to be Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July, 2023, at Mallory Park race circuit. Please visit the dedicated web site, to find updates, registration forms and other details as plans progress. Make a note in your diary now to attend this major VMCC event.

Cadwell Track Days 2023

The VMCC is working on its plans for this in 2023.

National Way Point Rally 2023

The National Way Point Rally will be run again this year starting from Sunday April 30th and running through to the 30th of September. For further details visit the National Way Point Rally web page.

Founders Relay Rally 2023

The Founders Relay Rally is being run as a separate event in 2023, back by popuylar demand. Sections are not required to set up or man check-points, however, they are encouraged to organise a run to a way point on Sunday April 30th to have as many bikes on the road as possible. For further details please visit the Founder Relay Rally web page.


The majority of VMCC events are non-competitive although some Sections organise ACU permitted timed road trials. As long as your machine is over 25 years old you can enter the Club's runs and events all over the country.

The British Historic Racing section, the club's racing operation, has attained an enviable reputation for its efficient organization and the friendly atmosphere always found at race meetings which are held on circuits throughout the UK.

The Grass-track and Speedway Section organizes a series of grass-track and grass hill climb events together with the occasional outing on a professional speedway track.

The Sprint Section also organises sprints and timed hill climbs on tarmac which can also be found in the calendar, including two which are very well known and to fill your season, invitations from other clubs allow you to enjoy a full year's sport.

For the latest on VMCC Events please click here...

Key Events

The Banbury Run is the largest gathering of veteran and vintage machines in the world. Set amongst 65 acres of parkland just 12 miles north of Banbury, the famous Banbury Run is open to Veteran and Vintage machines manufactured before 1st January 1931.

Banbury Run

Considered the World’s longest running motor-sport event dating back to 1905, which has evolved into today’s format of a standing-start ¼ mile sprint along Brighton seafront’s Madeira Drive. Up to 200 cars and 75 motorcycles normally compete, and it’s not unusual to have a mix of bikes entered from the 1920’s or 1930’s right up to current day!

Brighton Speed Trials

The Classic TT is a natural spin-off from the Isle of Man TT. It gives fans and enthusiasts the chance to experience the history of the world’s biggest motorcycle road race in real-time. Stars of today’s TT race on the famous Mountain Course riding bikes that would otherwise be confined to museums and private collections.

Although the racing is spectacular – and sounds amazing too – there’s a lot more to the Classic TT than the on-track action. Fans flock to the grandstand paddock carnival to mingle, enjoy the entertainment, soak-up the friendly and laid back atmosphere, check out the concours d’elegance and browse the many trade stands.

With the slightly more sedate pace of the programme compared to June’s flat-out and hectic TT, the Classic TT has proved a great hit with family visitors, as well as those who prefer to set their own tempo. It’s also a big draw for restorers, owners and riders of classic and vintage machinery. It’s definitely a motorcycling event that should be on any bike fan’s bucket-list.

The VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes will return in 2022. Provisionally set for the weekend of 16th/17th June at Mallory Race Circuit.

For information on previous 1000 bikes and for updates for the 2022 event please visit the website at Festival of 1000 Bikes

Festival of 1000 Bikes

Synonymous with ‘The Taverners,’ is Founders Day set in the scenic Stanford Hall grounds, it has become one of the major UK events in the ‘old bike’ calendar. From humble beginnings almost fifty years ago with just a hundred or so visitors and half a dozen people selling surplus bike bits out of their car boot or laid out on the obligatory ‘paste table’ the event has grown in to a vast slick and professional operation.

Originally the event took place on the area to the right of the driveway with a small ‘arena’ to the back of the hall, nowadays there is a large arena to the front of the hall along with an auto jumble nearing 300 pitches in number and taking up the whole area to the front of the hall. ‘Happy’ Hamrax is remembered as one of the first commercial paying companies to attend with money only changing hands if they’d had a good day - oh how things have changed!

Founders Day

Due to Covid the VMCC Training Days did not take place in 2020. If restrictions are relaxed we would like to run similar experience days later in the year. This will provide classic motor cycle enthusiasts with the chance to ride vintage hand-change machines including the VMCC’s Reed Scott, Brough Superior SS80, Triumph SD plus many other machines kindly brought along by VMCC members.

Scarborough VMCC Touring Week

Supported by the East Yorkshire Section of the VMCC

Scarborough week will return for 2022. The dates are Sunday12th June 2022 - Friday 17th June 2022 inclusive.

Further details will follow in the club journal and on this web page.

We are now getting things in order for this year’s Manx Rally, because of the change of dates to this year’s Manx Grand Prix and not finding this out until March, we have decided that the entry fee for this year’s rally will be FREE! And there will be no entry form! But please register that you wish to attend our rally by emailing our secretary Gary, email:


Wednesday 24th August, Signing on from 10am at Laxey Promenade. There will be a social run from Laxey, starting at 11am, finishing at Ramsey Courthouse. Light refreshments provided.

Thursday 25th August Signing on from 10am at Ramsey Court House, leaving Ramsey at 11am enjoying a road run to end at Peel, you will be free to enjoy Peel Bike Day! Light refreshments will be provided

MGP Racing Friday, Saturday & (Sunday possibly if bad weather) & Monday

Tuesday 30th August we are having a “Track Day” at Jurby, open to all rally entrants, separate entry for will be required. YOU MUST HAVE SUITABLE CLOTHING/ONE PIECE LEATHERS. This will be on the Jurby race track that we used for the Festival of Jurby events.

Separate entry form will be required. Open to all Rally Entrants and other VMCC Members. An entry fee of £50.00 will be required for this event which will have separate classes based on speed/ability/type of machine. Entry forms will be available nearer to the date of the event.

Wednesday 31st August Signing on from 10am at Ramsey Court House, leaving Ramsey at 11am

For an interesting road run, finishing at Ramsey Courthouse for light refreshments and Manx Rally prize presentation.

The International West Kent Run is a 4 day event for riders and passengers of all makes of historic 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles. Entrants can enjoy organised rides through the Kentish countryside over the first weekend in August (4rd to 7th in 2022).

The event is based in Aylesford at The Friars, postcode ME20 7BX, click on LINKS above for a map. Camping facilities plus a few basic rooms in the Priory are available for entrants and partners only.

The Sunday is display or public day, which gives visitors the chance to see the magnificent machines.

Additional attractions include a gymkhana, a concours event, an avenue of clubs and an autojumble.

All proceeds from the Sunday event are donated to charity. For 2016 this was the Kent Air Ambulance.

Entrants please note the Country Code is the international vehicle registration code i.e. GB for the United Kingdom, NL for the Netherlands, etc.

For Autojumble and Avenue of Clubs forms please go to the REGS page.

Organised by the West Kent section of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club.

West Kent Run

Section Runs & Events


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