The Board are currently reviewing the Garage and have decided to suspend any further requests to borrow a club bike until further notice.

AJS H4 1926, 360cc

Ready to ride

AJS H6 1927, 350cc

Blanchard Brough Superior SS80 Mk1 1922, 1,000cc

Available as a static display. Awaiting repairs by Michael Brough before riding

The machine, a 1923 model, left the factory on October 7, 1922, sold to a Mr B S Allen of Croydon. The machine was left to the VMCC in 2011 by a long-standing VMCC member, the late David Blanchard from Bexhill on Sea. David had owned the machine since the early 1960s when he had acquired it as a ‘kit of parts.’ The SS80 underwent a full restoration during late 2011/early 2012 by Brough expert Dave Clarke.

VMCC Brough

BSA A50 1963, 500cc

Ready to ride


Karslake Dreadnought 1902, 430/500cc

Ready for static display - riding by special permission
The name was used on a special built by Harold Karslake which had a 402cc De Dion engine and twin exhaust pipes from its single valve, and that varied over the years.
Having survived the test of time, the machine is now owned by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club.
In 2020 acting on behalf of the VMCC Board of Directors Bob Clark procured the original log book from a collection in the USA

The 1903 Dreadnought was gifted to the club by Harold ‘Oily’ Karslake, who built the bike, with the proviso that it should be used rather than simply becoming a museum piece. With no clutch and poor brakes, it takes a skilled rider to manage such a machine.

VMCC Dreadnought

Reed Scott, 1920, 532cc

Ready to ride

VMCC Scott

TRIUMPH SD, 1925, 550cc

Ready to ride

VMCc Triumph

Sagurs Montgomery 600 1924

P&M 1922 Outfit, 500-600cc

Interesting gear change mechanism, approved riders only. Now repaired

Racing Bikes

Velocette KSS, 1930, 350cc

Ready to ride, race trim only


Brierley Vincent Methamon, 1000cc

Ready for static display - riding by special permission, race trim only

VMCC Methamon

Bailey Rudge, 1936, 250cc

Ready for static display - riding by special permission, race trim only

VMCC Rudge

New Bikes

Yamaha FJ1200

1989, Air cooled 4 cylinder in line across the frame, heated grips, full luggage

Sunbeam S8 1952 500cc (Scotland Only)

Honda NTV 650 1995

Honda 1980 CB250RS

Honda Revere 650 1987

Moto Guzzi V50 1979

Honda Benley CD200 1980

Honda XR350 Trail Bike 1981

New Rider Bikes

GasGas TXT125

Honda CG125 2000 Kick start

Britax Diblasi 1979

Jawa Mustang 50cc Moped

Mobylette 1977

Yamaha Passpla, 1980

Honda CG125 1992 Electric start

Suzuki Van Van - 2004 125

Work in Progress

Early notice of recent Ready to ride

Monk Honda CB100N 1980 repair project Reg.

Awaiting front brake parts

vmcc honda

Carlton BSA Bantam 1970, B175, 175cc - Restoration Project - Reg. WKJ 1J

Complete bike awaiting a restorer

Click here for more photos

VMCC Bantam

Heinkel Perle 50cc moped restoration project - Reg. VLM 704

Complete bike awaiting a restorer

VMCC Heinkel

Kawasaki ER6 2007 A2 Restricted

Awaiting repairs

Kawasaki KLX125 2011

Awaiting repairs

CZ 125 1980

Awaiting recomissioning


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