National Way Point Rally

Originally conceived to comply with the COVID Rules that have impacted all our riding throughout 2020 and 2021, this event became popular with members in 2021 and is now planned to be a regular national event. Sections have been asked to nominate locations in their area worthy of visiting on a motorcycle – the Way Points, selected for interest, the view or just a good place to get a bacon sandwich.

The National Way Point Rally will run from Sunday May 1st until 30th September.

Members are invited to visit the Way Point as a destination for informal (or formal) rides in groups. Ideally you will be able to undertake a number of runs throughout the summer, to various Way Points. Running over 4 months should allow plenty of opportunities of good weather riding and some great photo opportunities.

The list of Way Points, the rules for claiming them and photography competition are in the downloadable pdf, or by e-mailing

Click below for the handbook.

National Way Point Rally Handbook v1.9

Click for notes for sections

NWP 2022 Section Notes

Sections can now update,add and delete way points themselves online. Click Here

Claiming your waypoint

You can claim your Waypoint and upload a picture using the Online Submission Form. Alternatively send and email to and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Membership number
  • Waypoint being claimed
  • Date visited
  • Names of any other riders with you
  • Comments
  • Attach a picture of you at the Waypoint

National Way Point Rally 2022

Search for Waypoints

Many people have asked if the Founders Relay Rally will be run in 2022. Following feed-back from the Area Reps it was understood that this event had lost some appeal and sections were reluctant to set up and man check-points for just a small number of participants (sometimes none). It is proposed, therefore, that instead of the Founder Day Rally riders should make every effort to use the May 1st date to ride out to a Way Point. why not arrange to meet other riders there from neighbouring sections and chat over a cuppa and a bacon sandwich.

National Way Point Rally - 2021

Above: Good company on Long Mynd (Paul Harris)

During the summer many of us enjoyed the National Way Point Rally as well as our usual section runs. The idea was simple, to visit any of 228 way points across the country – every section nominated some in their area. At every one visited, participants took a photo, all of which were entered into a competition (results below). Some bagged more than others. Rob Hall and David Boon did the most riding, visiting over 40 way points each, so well done to them. Coming closely behind were Alan Wibberley and Michael Leach, both managing over 30 way points, followed by a trio who got to over 20 each – David Carrol, Richard Reading and Dave Toogood.

Left: Alan Wibberly’s Velocette resting in the cool of the Guildhall, Thaxsted

Above: One of the outfits – Peter Higginson’s Royal Enfield, Rivington Barn

Above: This shot of the Silver Ball Cafe won the Spirit of the VMCC prize (Don McKeand)
Right: Winner of the British bike photos – Michael Brown’s of his Ariel Leader

Above: Dramatic shot of Richard Bill’s BMW RS bagged 2nd among the non-British

Right: Winner of the non-British pictures – Martin Peacock’s Moto Guzzi V50 by Harringworth Viaduct

Above: Second place in the Spirit of the VMCC – variety of bikes outside the Mayfly Cafe (Paul Harris)

Above: David Carroll visited 28 way points – this is Coaley Peak

The most active area was the South Midlands with over 170 recorded visits to their collective way points. South Cotswold’s Barrow Wake was the most popular of these, closely followed by the Cotswold Section’s Aviator pub. The Anglian Area followed closely, along with the other English areas. Wales and Scotland had fewer visits, but that reflected the fact that their way points were much more dispersed, and cross border touring was not encouraged at the start of the event by the different governments. Riders visited the breadth of locations selected by the sections, getting to the seaside, taking in lots of cafés, railway and aviation locations, which figured strongly in the section list and the choice of destination by those doing the riding. Many photos revealed ingenious ways of getting machine and location in the same shot, which sometimes seemed to involve double yellows or footpaths.

Above: A postcard from....?

Above: Peter Fielding and Keith Johnson at Bwlch y Groes

Above: Lovely shot – Roger Fogg’s AJS at Dunnett Head

Above: Beside the seaside – John Pearson’s late Triumph T100 at Hunstanton

Left: Several people made it to Alton Barnes White Horse – only Reg Eyre got there by cyclemotor

Above: L to R: A Magnum, Allendale Co-op and Richard Blackburn’s Square Four

Left: “Excuse me, is this Fairhaven Lake?”

Above: Simon Rice got his Dragonfly as close as possible to the Radar Memoria

Some sections put on section rides to the way points but most runs were in twos and threes during the good weather. We received many fantastic photographs, some others made us laugh and yet more resulted in e-mail discussion about the great bikes getting an airing. These ranged from flat tank AJSs and Sunbeams, through some to some nice pre-1939 machines, lots of British twins and a strong showing of European bikes including a good selection of BMWs of varying ages as well as Japanese machines. We also had quite a few members using combinations, which was nice to see. Some members even did multiple visits on different bikes or with different ride companions. As the three months passed enthusiasm continued with a final flourish on the closing Wednesday. Combining the admin with riding themselves the Area Reps were grateful for those lines in the e-mails saying how much the event was been enjoyed, creating a new set of destinations and new routes. Our thanks go to the sections who provided the list of 228 places to go, as without their efforts there would have been no Rally, as well as a special thank you to every rider/member who made the event a success which was enjoyed by everyone. The NWPR handbook will no longer be available for the VMCC website, but anyone wanting a copy please reach out to your local area rep and we will get one to you (electronically). Ride safely, from the Area Reps.

Left: Wymondham Windmill...and Martin Peacock’s BMW
Below: Brian Smith and friends, Severn Bore In

Below: Michael Leach’s Morini at Oda’s Chapel

Left: Alan Kitchen’s passenger, poised for a quick getaway on the double yellows at Elsecar

The Rally Photo Comp

Photos were judged by the Area Reps in three classes, with the President casting his votes as tie-breakers.

Spirit of the VMCC
1st Don McKeand, 2nd Paul Harris, 3rd Ian Pettifor
Best British Bike Picture
1st Michael Brown, 2nd Rob Hall, 3rd Geoff Green
Best non-British Bike Picture

1st Martin Peacock, 2nd Richard Bills, 3rd Michael Leach

A number of members also received a gift to mark their photograph as being commended by the judges: Rob Hall, David Boon, Alan Wibberley, Michael Leach, David Carol, Richard Reading, Dave Toogood.


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