"The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, with over 17,000 Members, united by a common appreciation of the engineering skills and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the pioneers, and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they rode in days gone by."

VMCC Roll of Honour


VMCC Presidents

Year Name
 1946-1950  Captain J. J. Hall
 1950-1953  R. N. Judd
 1953-1957  Brig. C. V. Bennett OBE
 1957-1959  C. E. Allen BEM 
1959-1961 E. E. Thompson
1961-1964  P. A. Moffat 
 1964-1965 J. Stuart-White 
1965-1967 H. G. Tyrell-Smith
1967-1969 W. D. Bell
1969-1971 A. J. Mortimer
1971-1973 J. P. Griffith
1973-1975 W. Green
1975-1977 W. J. Rotherham
1977-1979 T. F. Wootton
1979-1981 I. Rhodes
1982-1984 W. J. Flew
1984-1986 W. E. Hume
1986-1988 I. Young
1988-1989 K. Hallworth
1989-1990 P. Beaney
1990-1991 F. P. Heath
1991-1992 G. H. Hallard
1992-1993 M. J. West
1993-1994 D. R. Mitchell
1994-1995 Mrs C. M. Nash
1995-1996  J. V. Moore 
1996-1997 L. G. Ore
1997-1998 Dr. R. N. Hill
1998-1999 S. J. Jenkin
2000-2001 G. Davies
2001-2002 Mrs R. A. Davy
2002-2003 F. Dolman
2003-2004 R. G. Blackwell
2004-2005 G. Brazendale
2005-2006 P. C. Vines
2006-2007 D. M. Davies
2007-2008 H. A. Wiles
2008-2009 Mrs B. Barber
2009-2010 C. S. Seaton
2010-2011 W. C. S. Phelps
2011-2012 C. Bell
2012-2014 V. R. Blake
2014-2016 T.J.W. Penn
2016-2018 R. Hann


VMCC Vice Presidents

Year Name

 C. E. Allen BEM
 H. C. M. Beaumont
Brig. C. V. Bennett OBE
W. Boddy
A. B. Bourne
H. E. Cohen
A. M. MacLachlan
F. A. McNab
G. W. Walker

 1947 C. S. Burney
G. Bradshaw
 1948 C. J. H. Day
A. R. Lowry
T. A. Roberts 
 1950 R. A. Beecroft
L. P. Peters
F. W. Prescott
M. F. Walker 
1952 C. A. Lewis
I. V. Mutton
1954 M. McEvoy
1960 H. R. Fowler
H. Karslake
H. G. Tyrell-Smith
1963 G. S. Davison
J. R. Stuart-White
1967 J. R. Boulton
P. M. Chilvers
Mrs A. Moffet
W. H. Wilshere
J. W. Robbs
1968 E. A. Hewett
1969 J. P. Griffith
1974 W. E. Hume
1976 D. MacDiarmid
A. J. Harper
1977 G. A. T. Brett
1978 L. H. Wills
1979 F. E. D. Burke
A. S. Doughty
S. L. Halsall
1983 W. L. Henshaw
1984 R. T. Dent
1985 R. F. Currie
F. P. Heath
R. H. Platt
J. R. Walton
1986 D. Earnshaw
K. Hallworth
1987 P. J. Morrissey
L. G. Ore
1988 Mrs A. Heath
1989 L. Cole
R. H. Derrick
D. W. James
1990 E. L. Collin
1992 S. J. Jenkin
S. Woods
1993 J. W. Lincoln
1994 M. R. Jaggard
J. Mitchell
1995 D. M. McMahon
1996 C. Hunter
J. Sizer
1999 R. N. Weekes
J. Davies
2000 H. V. Sucher
2001 T. Richardson
2005 B. L. Cosgrove
2010 P. F. Davy
2014 Mrs B. Barber
2017 Mr R. Wright


Bequests to the VMCC

In Grateful acknowledgement of the VMCC members whose bequests have helped promote the aims and ideals of our club

Year Name  
1999-2000 Mr Bill Sheppard Bristol
 2002  Mr Norman Reed  Manchester
 2003-2005  Mr Richard W.Twist  Solihull
 2010  Mr S. Poole-Hallworth  Stockport
 2011  Mr David Blanchard  Bexhill on Sea
2011 Mr Edgar Mears Wolverhampton
2011 Mr George Moore Guildford
2011 Mr Harold Freeman Jersey


Honorary Membership

 B. Allen  S. G. Allen
 A. Beggs  Mrs M. D. Rotherham
 T. F. Wootton  M. Worthington Williams
I Young J. MacCauley
C. Bell G. Hallard
A. Collett