2021 VMCC Awards

The Club looks forwards to receiving your nominations for the following awards.

This can be done by any of:

  • Web - New Webform
  • Writing - to AWARDS FREEPOST VMCC with the information requested

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The Dreadnought Trophy Outstanding effort on a veteran or vintage machine.

The Harry Knight Trophy Best performance on a Veteran

The Harry Mack Trophy Sidecar award

The John Griffiths Salver outstanding activities within the Club

The EE Thompson Award outstanding efforts in promoting or organising Club activities.

The HO Burton Award Outstanding riding performance by a Club member using a post-1930 machine.

The Bob Currie Memorial Award One who, in the opinion of his peers, has made a significant contribution to the world of motorcycling ‘in the Bob Currie tradition’.

The Daphne Hedington Dent Memorial Award Member under 25 consistently riding in club events

The Syd Plevin Trophy Outstanding work within a Section of the Club.

The Spirit of the Club Award A member who, in the opinion of his peers, operates and helps in the background and would in some cases go unrecognised for his efforts in helping the club.

The Hume Trophy excellence in research into historic motorcycles, as exemplified by a publication or restoration project.

The Presentation of Special Awards.

Presidents Award –
Editors Award –

Honorary Membership
The Club on the passing of an ordinary resolution at an AGM may confer Honorary Membership upon any Member or non-Member, as a token of meritorious service.

(1) The nomination for an Honorary Member must:-
(i) Be handed to the General Manager by any Member or section by notice in writing at least 75 days prior to any AGM;
(ii) The notice must be signed by at least 10 members of the Club in support of the nomination;
(iii) The nominating Member, seconding Member or representative from the nominating section will be required to present evidence supporting such nomination at the AGM;
(iv) The nominated Honorary Member must confirm their agreement to the nomination;

(2) An Honorary Member shall be considered a fully paid-up Full Member.

(3) Any successfully nominated Member shall remain an Honorary Member until the Board receive a written request from the Member asking to cease to be an Honorary
Member, or if the Member commits a breach of the Articles, Bye-Laws or other Club rules and regulations and in the opinion of the Board the conduct is of such a nature that the person should cease to be an Honorary Member

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