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The VMCC was formed in 1946 by a band of 38 enthusiasts and now boasts a Worldwide membership of over 10,000! However, this figure has been achieved without losing any of the camaraderie or helpfulness which is usually associated with smaller clubs & you can receive specialist advice on every aspect of owning an older motorcycle.

But don't let the word "Vintage" fool you! Whilst catering for the very oldest pioneer machines the majority of our members ride post war-classics with many also owning modern machines as part of their "stable".

We cater for enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience & you don't even have to own a motorcycle to become a member!



Rate from 1st April 2024
Rate from 1st April 2024
Full UK Membership£47£49
Young Member (Under 30)£23£25
Junior Member (under 18)£13£15
Full EU MembershipN/A£85
Full Rest Of The World MembershipN/A£95
Overseas digital membership **N/A£49
Family Members add on *£14£14
*Family members must live at the same house hold as the full paying member.

** Overseas digital only members will not recieve the Journal or other correspondence by post. They can still access the journal online through the web site.

Membership Benefits

We provide a huge range of benefits to meet individual members needs (many of them unique to us) including:-


Full colour magazine "The Vintage & Classic Motorcycle" delivered direct to your door.
Click here to learn more about the journal and view past examples.


80+ Local & Non Territorial Sections throughout the UK with a full programme of events catering for all interests both sporting & social. With many more geographical sections than any other club you will never be far away from meeting up with people just like you.
Click here to learn more about our local sections and find your nearest one.


VMCC Motorcycle Insurance is available only to VMCC members and provides access to a range of benefits that are simply not available elsewhere! Call 0121 274 5355 to get a quote today, or click here to find out more information.


Over 130 Marque specialists who are able to assist with member queries relating to almost every make & model motorcycle ever produced!


The largest Library of material in the world relating to our motorcycling Heritage. The collection includes all the original factory dispatch records from the like of BSA, Norton & Triumph. With over 35,000 items & full time Library team we can help with all your motorcycling questions whether you are restoring, registering or researching. VMCC Members receive both free access & discounted rates on multiple/more extensive research.
Click here to discover our Library.


Over 1300 events to take part in every year to local runs put on by our 80+ Sections to huge internationally famous events such as The Banbury Run.
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The above are just some of the principle benefits to be gained from joining the other 10,000 VMCC members around the world, click on the videos below to hear from some current members sharing their experiences on the many activities, specialist knowledge and camaraderie that membership brings.


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Opening Hours:

VMCC Allen House

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club

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VMCC Motorcycle Insurance: +44(0)121 274 5355

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Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED
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