VMCC Motorcycle Insurance

VMCC Motorcycle Insurance

As a member of the VMCC, you have access to ‘VMCC Motorcycle Insurance’ an insurance scheme provided by Peter James Insurance (PJI) which is exclusive to the Club.
Call 0121 274 5355 or click the image above to get a quote today!


Launched in December 2022, VMCC Motorcycle Insurance replaces what was called VMCC Club Cover. It includes a whole host of new features, making it one of the most comprehensive packages of vintage and classic bike insurance on the market. A key benefit is that at the start of the policy you can set an “Agreed Value” for your bike: if the worst happens this guarantees the payment that you will receive rather than an insurance company estimate of its market value made after the event.

Designed exclusively for the Club, VMCC Motorcycle Insurance gives members access to a range of benefits that are simply not available elsewhere. If you’re an existing PJI customer through the old VMCC Club Cover, at renewal you will automatically be switched over to VMCC Motorcycle Insurance with all the new benefits.

Why choose VMCC Motorcycle Insurance?

Policy benefits can include:*
  • Additional discount based on length of membership
  • Agreed Value
  • Any numbers of bikes can be put on the same policy
  • Cover for machines in storage or being transported on a laid-up basis can be insured (these can be covered on the frame number if not DVLA registered
  • “Modern” bikes (less than 25 years old) can be included on a multi-vehicle policy
  • Cover for VMCC Regularity and Reliability events included as standard
  • VMCC organised track event cover available on request
  • Helmet and Leathers Cover, rider and passenger
  • Member to Member Cover - Ride Another Club Member’s Bike (regardless of who they are insured with)
  • Insurance Options for Young Riders
  • Reinstatement Cover (an optional extra)
  • Breakdown Cover in the UK and EU
  • Legal Expenses Cover
  • Tools & Spares Cover (up to £3000)

The VMCC has undertaken a market comparison exercise and has compared policies on a like-for-like basis. In addition to the benefits above, VMCC Motorcycle Insurance has proven to be best value in 88% of sample cases benchmarked against three key providers in the market**


*Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may vary and are subject to underwriting criteria.

**Comparison carried out by the VMCC between January and March 2021.

How can I get a quote?

There are a number of ways to get a quotation.

The quickest and easiest way is to call Peter James Insurance on 0121 274 5355.

When you phone Peter James Insurance you’re not met with a choice of automated options to select. You get straight through to people who understand classic motorcycles and their insurance requirements. Where required, cover can normally be arranged instantly.


If you are looking to insure a single bike then you can obtain a quick quote online by clicking the link below. The quick quote system is easy to use – users can receive a price after answering just six questions!


If you have several machines and/or additional riders, you can call Peter James Insurance on 0121 274 5355 or you can complete a Proposal Form, on-screen or on paper. This can be downloaded from the PJI website here and emailed or printed and posted to them.
Once the form has been submitted you will receive a quotation within five working days, which you can then follow up by phone to confirm acceptance and make payment.

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of the form in the post to complete then please call PJI on 0121 274 5355.


The team at Peter James Insurance know that insurance can often be a barrier to young people being able to own or enjoy classic vehicles, and as part of the VMCC club partnership they have created two schemes for young riders:

  • Young owners of a classic bike
  • Young enthusiasts as an additional rider

If you’re a young member of the club and would like to get a quote from Peter James Insurance, in the first instance please email insurance@vmcc.net. We will talk you through the process and then pass on your details to PJI, who will then contact you with details of what they can offer.

If you have any questions about VMCC Motorcycle Insurance that are not answered on this website or if you are struggling to complete and submit the Form, or if you encounter any unexpected problems, and wish to contact the club - help is available by emailing insurance@vmcc.net. If you wish to contact Peter James Insurance, please call 0121 274 5355.
Please do remember, however, that this is not a “helpline” staffed by employees but a service to members operated by volunteers – so please be patient.

If you wish to give feedback on the Club's insurance offer, you can complete our survey form by clicking here.

To provide you with a quotation the VMCC will need to securely share information with the Club's insurance provider Peter James Insurance.
By completing the forms on this page you will be giving your consent for us to share information including relevant membership records.
The VMCC's privacy policy is here https://www.vmccshop.net/privacypolicy

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