Insurance for Member's Bikes

The VMCC have announced details of a new insurance scheme for members’ bikes which will be in place for quotations in August.

A team led by former VMCC Chair Bob Clark has been working quietly away at this over the past six months and is now in the final stages of negotiations with one of the UK’s leading specialist brokers.

The scheme, which will only be available to current VMCC members, is expected to be a real market-beater. Key features will include:

  • special VMCC-only underwriting rates, on the basis that the “lifestyle” of club members means they are considered to represent a lower-than-average risk;
  • discounts for length of VMCC membership;
  • inclusive of breakdown, helmet & leathers and EU riding cover;
  • damage cover whilst a bike is being transported rather than ridden;
  • retained salvage if desired and no write-offs that would prevent rebuilding;
  • any bike covered, but must be at least one VMCC-eligible bike on the policy;
  • no upper age other than 85 for new business, but exceptions for proven older riders looking to change insurers;
  • lower age 21, but exceptions for young riders with an established connection to the VMCC.

Our price comparison testing indicates that at least 80% of the time the scheme will be the cheapest in the market.

The objective in setting up this new scheme has been to secure the optimum mix between cheapness and quality, as a benefit of membership. This moves the VMCC away from the previous commission-based model, which legally made the Club into the broker’s business partner and prevented it from always acting in the financial best interests of members. The Board’s view from the start of the current negotiations has been that members pay for the Club through their subscriptions, and should not then pay again through higher-than-necessary insurance premiums.

Longer-term members will recall a time, in the 1980s and early 1990s, only VMCC members could get access to the then newly-invented “classic policy”. Membership numbers rose significantly because the saving on insurance was often more than the cost of membership. The Board’s intention has been to try and recreate that situation once again. Speaking on Thursday to VMCC Acting Chair Mario Costa-Sa, former Chair Bob Clark (who has been leading the negotiations) said “Under the new scheme, I would make a saving of around 50% on what I have been paying for insurance for my bikes.”.

On behalf of the VMCC, Mario thanks Bob Clark, Duncan MacKinnon and Gary Sleeman for their continued work in this area. The new scheme is due to be open for business on August 2nd, in the meantime, you can pre-register your interest in the scheme by clicking HERE


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