VMCC Club Cover - Insurance for Member's Bikes

VMCC Club Cover offers vehicle insurance to VMCC members at highly competitive rates. The scheme is run by Peter James Insurance, in accordance with terms and conditions agreed with the Club, and is closely monitored by the Club’s Insurance Sub-Committee to make sure standards are maintained and prices remain competitive. Market-testing work undertaken by the Club suggests that for the great majority of members VMCC Club Cover is likely to be the cheapest available on a like-for-like basis, but as a point of principle, the Club advises members that they should always shop around for quotes, both for new policies and at renewal.

VMCC Club Cover is primarily aimed at members’ bikes and three-wheelers over 25 years old, and the first vehicle on any policy must be a VMCC-eligible machine insured for road use. Beyond that, however, the policy can include modern machines, machines not registered for road use, machines undergoing or awaiting restoration, modern and classic cars, private-use vans, and trailers. Full details of what is and is not covered will be added to this website in the near future. The key exclusion to note is that cover does not include off-road competitive events or track days. All members between the ages of 21 and 85 are eligible subject to their record of past claims and convictions. Members under 21 with a demonstrable connection to the Club will usually be offered cover on request. Cover will also normally be available to members over 85 who wish to switch from another insurer.

A key feature of VMCC Club Cover is that your classic vehicles will normally be insured for Agreed Values. This requires a bit more work at the start, but if the worst happens you are guaranteed to get what you or an independent valuer has said the machine is worth rather than the insurance company’s estimate of its market value.

How to get a Quotation for VMCC Club Cover

There are two ways to get a quotation. The preferred way for most people, particularly those with several machines and/or additional riders, is to complete the Proposal Form (see below), in accordance with the instructions and advice. Once the form has been submitted you will receive a quotation within five working days, which you can then follow up by phone to confirm acceptance and make payment.

However, if you are not comfortable with using computers, or you need cover quickly – same day if necessary – you can ring 0121 506 6000 and give your details over the phone.

Downloads (Microsoft Word)

VMCC Club Cover Proposal Form

Instructions For The Form

Additional Rider Form

Riders Under 21

A rider under 21 can be included on a VMCC Club Cover policy as an additional rider for Club-eligible machines. They can also get a standalone policy, but again only for Club-eligible machines. Peter James Insurance do not offer insurance for young riders on modern bikes, and that's not the name of the game for the VMCC - there are other brokers out there who do this, and who specialise in that particular market.

Where someone under 21 is looking for a quote for a Club-eligible machine, or where a policyholder wants to add an under-21 as an additional rider, the standard Proposal Form should be completed. To this should be added at least two letters from Club members, to explain the nature and duration of the young person's connection to the Club and in support of their application. The Form and these letters should in the first instance be sent to the Club at insurance@vmcc.net, not Peter James Insurance. The Insurance Sub-Committee will then review, investigate further if necessary, and presuming all stacks up will forward the documents to a named senior-level contact within PJI with a recommendation for acceptance. Unless PJI see something unacceptable in the person's location, conviction record or claims history, they will then provide a quote for Club Cover.

Most of the time, enquiries about insurance for under-21s relate to the family of members or their close friends. In such cases the process should be quick and easy. In essence, the Club will be filtering and endorsing applications, to make sure that the VMCC scheme cannot become a back-door route to cheap insurance for teenagers, whilst enabling young family members and other genuinely-interested youngsters to be included in the Club Cover scheme.

Questions and Problems

If you have any questions about VMCC Club Cover that are not answered on this website or in the notes on how to complete and submit the Proposal Form, if you are struggling to complete and submit the Form, or if you encounter any unexpected problems, help is available by emailing insurance@vmcc.net. Please do remember, however, that this is not a “helpline” staffed by employees but a service to members operated by volunteers – so please be patient. Other than at a very general level, the Club’s staff at Allen House will not be able to assist you because they do not handle insurance matters and have no specialist knowledge.

GDPR Statement

To provide you with a quotation the VMCC will need to securely share information with the Club's insurance provider Peter James Insurance.
By completing the forms on this page you will be giving your consent for us to share information including relevant membership records.
The VMCC's privacy policy is here https://www.vmccshop.net/privacypolicy

On behalf of the VMCC, the Club thanks Bob Clark, Duncan MacKinnon and Gary Sleeman for their continued work in this area.
If your insurance is not ready, or you wish to give feedback on the Club's insurance offer, you can complete our survey form by clicking here


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