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After the great success of the VMCC re-involement in the 2023 event we are more than ever itching to repeat things on May 25th & 26th 2024.
If you haven’t read the article in our Vintage and Classic magazine for July this year then dig it out because that explains things in more detail. Forget Mallory Park, this event knocks that into a cocked hat in terms of weather, riding the circuit and spectacular – ness.
  • It takes place annually just south west of Dijon at the modern Circuit Dijon Prenois and is fast becoming the event for Classic Motorcycles .
  • We are allocated our own garage trackside which is virtually full up already.
  • This is not a racing event (officially) but a parade and reliability test for pre 1993 motorcycles.
  • We already have very many members coming with some beautiful machines so -
    • If you want to find out more and / or participate with your own pre-1993 machine
    • Or apply to use one of the clubs machines ( if available)
    • Or just make it part of a bigger holiday and come along to watch.
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