Factory Records

Following the generous gift of all the original factory records held in science museum we now hold the surviving records with a very large part of the once mighty British motorcycle industry following factories:
  • Ariel 1927 to 1965
  • BSA 1925 to 1973 (N.B. pre-1930 only partial records)
  • Levis 1915 to 1940
  • Norton 1929 to 1972
  • Royal Enfield 1913 to 1920
  • Scott 1914 to 1961 (are some gaps)
  • Triumph 1941 to 1983 (N.B. the pre-1941 records were destroyed during WW2 when the Coventry factory was bombed & the post 1974 records are patchy as Triumph was in trouble by that point)
  • Velocette 1924 to 1953
  • Zenith 1933 to 1936

We also have guarantee registration cards for:

  • Douglas Vespa 1962 to 1979
  • Gilera 1972 to 1977

N.B. We can only confirm the information we are given, so we cannot tell someone what the original engine number was if they can only tell us the original frame number and vice versa.

If you would like a full factory record, we will need a side view photograph of the machine and either rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers.

Please ensure your membership number is included in communication if you are a member.

Typed factory record £25 for members £37.50 for non members (£2.50 postage for overseas)

Factory record search free for members £10 for non members
You can order by phone, email or letter. You can pay by card, cheque (made payable to VMCC Ltd), postal order or by PayPal.


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