Duty to Ride

Memorial to Couriers and Despatch Riders

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) is proposing to dedicate a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum to the memory of all those motorcyclists throughout the world who have lost their lives or been seriously injured whilst riding in the course of their duties. These may be despatch riders and couriers in the various branches of the armed forces but also civilian riders such as blood deliveries, organ deliveries and other essential couriers.

The estimated cost of such a memorial is in the region of £100-350,000. Contributions are therefore requested from all armed forces that use motorcycle riders, including despatch riders, couriers, escorts and other functions as well as civilian organisations such as the NHS, blood and organ deliveries etc. It is also hoped that contributions will also be forthcoming from the motorcycling fraternity, motorcycle clubs and fund-raising events.

Initial application has already been submitted to the National Memorial Arboretum for such a memorial, we just need to raise the money and commission the memorial itself.

If you wish to make a donation now please visit our Just Giving page.

Duty to Ride 2023

Gordon Prime Memorial Run

To help raise awareness of the Duty to Ride initiative and to celebrate the life of Gordon Prime, a WWII Despatch Rider, the West South Wales Section of the VMCC are organising a special run. The event will be on Sunday April 16th to mark the anniversary of the death of one of Gordon's closest friends who was killed in action on weeks before the end of the war.

The ride will start and finish from Carew Cheriton Control Tower Museum where there is plenty of space to park vans, trailers and overnoght camping. The ride is open to ALL riders of any age and on any machine, however, special emphasis is placed on military bikes and pre-1950 bikes if possible.

The ride will be preceeded by a short ceremony and 1 minute's silence at 11.am in respect of Gordon Prime who passed away in January.

To register interest in partcipating in this event please complete the following pre-registration form.

There is no entry fee required for this event, however, we do expect attendees to give generously to the Duty to Ride fund. You can donate now at the follwoing Just Giving page.


In order to launch the fund to create a lasting memorial to despatch riders and other couriers, both military and non-military, the VMCC are organising a ride to the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday May 1st. This ride will start from the National Motor Cycle Museum in Solihull at 9.00am and will end at the National Memorial Arboretum between 10.30 and 11.00am to coincide with the VMCC AGM also being held at the arboretum. All motorcycles are welcome, however, the emphasis will on period bikes (25+ years) and especially military bikes.

View video of some of the participants:

VMCC - Duty to Ride - Harley-Davidson MT350E Army Bike - Bing video

VMCC - Duty to Ride - Matchless G3 Military Motorcycle - quick look & ride - Bing video

The event has been named “Duty to Ride” and will hopefully become a regular annual event. Although entry to this event in 2022 is free participants are encouraged to seek sponsorship from their friends and families and to contribute to the fund themselves through Just Giving or other means.

All funds raised will go towards the creation of a Memorial at the Arboretum in honour of those motorcyclists that have lost their lives or been seriously injured whilst riding in the line of duty, both military and non-military.

A dedicated website www.dutytoride.org is being created to manage this and future events and to support the fund raising activities. there will also be T-Shirts and other branded merchandise in the near future so watch this space. Proceeds from the sales will contribute to the Duty to Ride fund.

If you wish to participate in the 2022 Duty to Ride please register your interest here: Participate in the 2022 Duty to Ride

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