Sunday 21st November 2021, 10.00am

National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire

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Time: Weds Nov 10, 2021 06:00 PM London https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81505756909?pwd=OC80WFRR...

Meeting ID: 815 0575 6909 Passcode: 1946


Notice is hereby given that a General Meeting of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd will be held on November 21st at 10:00 AM. National Memorial Arboretum Croxall Road Alrewas, Staffordshire, DE13 7AR registration on vmcc.net/gm

Guest Speaker Alan Cathcart will be speaking at 10:00 AM

  1. Welcome by the Chair, Mario Costa-Sa
  2. To remember with respect those Members who have passed away during the last year. Click here to download a list of Deceased Members 2021
  3. To record apologies for absence
  4. To elect two Scrutineers
  5. To receive the report on the Outcome of the Consultation- Future of the Club

To approve:

6.1 The Club Three Year Forward Plan

6.2 The Club Membership Empowerment Plan

6.3 The Club Leadership Team Achievements in 2021 and Forward Action plan for 2022

6.4 The Club Events & Riding Forward Action Plan for 2022

6.5 The Club Marketing & Membership Forward Action Plan for 2022

6.6 The Club Library Forward Action Plan for 2022

6.7 The Club Shop Forward Action Plan for 2022.

12:00 Formal closure of General Meeting business.

Lunch will be served by 12:30 and the event is scheduled to end at 14:00

Mario Costa-Sa BSc Eng MBA

Chair & Acting Operations Manager


VMCC Pre General Meeting Discussion Zoom links
Time: Nov 10, 2021 06:00 PM London https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81505756909?pwd=OC80WFRR...

Meeting ID: 815 0575 6909 Passcode: 1946

Time: Nov 14, 2021 06:00 PM London https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89397713045?pwd=WklRTG1K...

Meeting ID: 893 9771 3045 Passcode: 732971

Why is there a proxy – can I vote directly?

There is a legal requirement for our Club to ensure members have the opportunity to nominate a person to participate in the meeting in person. The proxy MUST vote in accordance with your wishes. If they don’t make it to the meeting, perhaps they are ill or break down, you will regrettably lose your vote, as no one can stand-in.
A Chair of the meeting (not necessarily the VMCC Chair) will always be at the meeting and is the safest person to nominate if you are sure of the direction of your vote. If you leave the proxy name blank it will default to the Chair of the meeting and your vote will be cast in accordance with your wishes.

What happens if I vote don’t want to vote for one or all of the Forward Plans?

The plans on offer have been designed to respond to the concerns of the 3000 plus responses to the Consultation. They have the unanimous support of the volunteer team who manage the Club and who have turned around the problems with finance and membership in the last six months. There has been no other plan proposed from those with different views. If the plan does not get approved, the VMCC is likely to revert to the problems faced in 2020 before the Consultation: losing £175k per year, falling membership and the winding up of the Club in three years. Alternatively, the membership rate could rise to £70 to pay for the increased costs and smaller membership. For each proposal that fails to pass, the membership fee is at risk of rising to compensate for the loss of contribution to the club’s finances.

Can the forward plans be simply amended through discussion at the meeting?

After some nine months of meetings and discussion, the ship has now sailed on this opportunity. Only minor amendments e.g., typos will be considered. The plans have been developed in free circulation since early June on vmcc.net/consultation and the President, Area Reps and Members have been engaged through meetings, Sections through the Bulletin and emails, phone calls, and Members through email and the Journal. Suggestions have been accommodated in the four months up to the version printed in the October Journal. The management team are not aware of any reasonable requests that have not been accommodated. Any substantial change would mean starting the process again and informing members before voting at a future meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 1st May 2022. Basically, progress in the VMCC would be in limbo for another six months and dependant on the issue, this could jeopardise our riding plans in 2022.

Why are we using the National Memorial Arboretum? Is the meeting Indoors?

We have looked at over 50 alternatives. The Arboretum offered an excellent venue with plenty of spotlessly clean, modern indoor space which was a high consideration given Covid, as well as the lowest cost. It will also feature as part of our strategic riding plans and commemorative events in 2022 and onwards.

Can I bring my partner, friends, dog?

Yes -Partners are welcome. Dog advice is here https://www.thenma.org.uk/visit-us/plan-your-visit...

Why do I have to pay to attend the meeting?

You don’t have to pay. You can simply register to attend the meeting for free
Just a reminder that the hot lunch at the General Meeting is free for those who register and pay a refundable deposit. If you really don’t want your free lunch, simply click the first box and don’t order lunch from the Eventbrite link on vmcc.net/gm. If you do, order lunch and pay a £20 deposit which will be refunded if you turn up.
This will be refunded in full for those members attending and participating in the meeting. Those bringing friends or partners who are not VMCC members are free to stay and join us for lunch. The only people who will pay are ‘no shows.’

Over time we believe this simple request will reduce waste and increase attendance by making these meetings less formal and more sociable.


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