2022 Raffle

Update Monday 18th July

1st Prize 2216 DM Fife

2nd Prize 071611 MK Sussex

3rd Prize C14995 IP Notts

4th Prize A137935 MS Chichester

March 2022
The 2022 VMCC Raffle has now been launched. We have just taken delivery of a brand new Royal Enfield Interceptor which will be the first raffle bike this year. This remarkable machine has been regularly topping the bestseller list for several years and is highly sought after. Tickets have been on sale at the Bristol Motor Show and other events throughout the Spring and early summer. We are providing tickets for purchase through the Club shop, the journal and other publications.

Ticket holders from the 2021 raffle, which was postponed due to bike supply issues, who did NOT request a refund, will be automatically included in the 2022 raffle. The winner will be drawn on Sunday July 17th at the Festival of 1000 Bikes at Mallory Park.

The winner of the raffle will be offered a choice, either to take the present bike, which will have been shown and ridden for demonstration at various shows and events but is available for immediate delivery or else place an order for a brand new machine to be delivered as and when stock allows. A cash alternative will also be available.

  • 1st Prize: NEW Royal Enfield Interceptor
  • 2nd Prize: 1 year's VMCC Membership & Motorcycle Insurance
  • 3rd Prize: £50 Retail Shop goods from shop.vmcc.net
  • 4th Prize: 1 year's VMCC membership

The VMCC 2021 Raffle Draw for the Royal Enfield has been cancelled. We are sorry for any disappointment and confirm that all tickets will be refunded on request or rolled over into the 2022 draw.

Due to the manufacturing component crisis and high worldwide demand for this motorcycle, there has been no availability of this model since the raffle was launched. When it became clear our order for the machine was at risk, we made the decision in August to suspend further sales of tickets after the Raffle launch in April and have been working hard to get a replacement new machine in time for the scheduled draw in December.

The earliest we might have a bike is now January 2022 after the draw was due to be made, and even this is not assured. With this in mind, and in full consultation with the Gambling Commission and our professional advisor, we have reluctantly cancelled the 2021 raffle.

To apply for a refund please post your ticket to Freepost VMCC with your full name address and the completed Raffle Refund Form below.

The members-only draw for the Fantic is unaffected and is due to take place at the next AGM on May 1st 2022 at the National Memorial Arboretum.
The Members draw for the Number 1 VMCC 75th anniversary watch is also unaffected and the draw will take place on Wednesday 22nd December at Allen House

Thank you for your understanding,

VMCC Raffle Team

The winners of the September 2020 raffle are:

  • 1st Prize of the Royal Enfield Interceptor - Dave Skellon
  • 2nd Prize of the Snap-On Tool Chest - Stacey Lowe
  • 3rd Prize of a year's subscription to Old Bike Mart/The Classic Motorcycle - Steve Bastock
  • 4th Prize of a year's subscription to Classic Racer - Mr J Allen

Congratulations to all the winners and look out for our next raffle

Terms and Conditions of Raffle (2022) Royal Enfield Interceptor

  • The Raffle is open to members and non-members. Tickets are distributed (to UK Postcodes excepting N Ireland)* via our monthly journal to members and to non-members via other publications. They are also available at shows and events attended by the VMCC, or any of its sections, and by telephone from the office, using a debit card only. *N Ireland comes under a different regulatory body to other parts of the UK.
  • Entry to the draw is not available to persons under sixteen years of age, or staff of the VMCC or their families.
  • All tickets cost £2 and the maximum number of tickets which can be purchased directly by one individual is 100.
  • All tickets for which we have received payment are entered into the draw, which takes place on the date advertised, at our offices at Allen House. The draw takes place in the presence of a Director, at least one other staff member and an independent, local, member of the Club.

    First Prize
  • The VMCC intends to offer the winner the choice between taking the new 'ready to ride' bike or the winner waiting for factory delivery from Royal Enfield's UK distributor of a new bike in the winner's choice of colour.
  • In the unlikely event of machine non-availability or dispute, the VMCC will offer a cash alternative to the winner at the VMCC's sole discretion.

    Second Prize - Insurance & membership
  • One Vintage or Classic Machines only on standard Club insurance - maximum value of three times the cost of the average VMCC member's insurance per bike or a cash alternative payable to the winner at the VMCC's sole discretion.

  • In the unlikely event of sales not exceeding costs, the VMCC will offer a cash settlement at the VMCC's sole discretion.
  • Participants in the raffle agree to resolve any disputes by mediation with an accredited mediator.
  • The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited promotes responsible gambling and makes an annual donation to RIGT (Responsibility in Gambling Trust) who provide education research and treatment for problem gambling.
Complaints and disputes procedure is available on request from marketing@vmcc.net.

Terms and Conditions of tickets awarded to Members for Draws and Raffles (2021/2022) Fantic Caballero 500

  • The draw is aimed at encouraging VMCC members to use web-based responses to increase democracy and member representation in the VMCC.
  • Tickets may be awarded to current VMCC members. The cost of the ticket will be paid for out of part of the savings from efficiencies made by voluntary member participation in running the Club.
  • An automatic entry to the draw will be made for all current VMCC Members triggered by:
    1. by either entering an electronic response to a survey or
    2. by simply being a current member at the time of the draw.
  • Non-VMCC members cannot enter the draw and those who are not a member at the time of the draw cannot claim the first prize. Non-members drawn can only claim the non-member Consolation prize.
  • The first prize of the motorcycle can only be claimed by a current VMCC member at the time of the draw which will be held at the VMCC AGM on 1st May 2022
  • A maximum of one electronic entry per survey is allowed and multiple entries for each individual survey will be removed.
  • The choice of prize and the date of the draw will be at the discretion of the Club and arrangements will be advertised in the Journal before the draw takes place.
  • 1. First Prize a Fantic motorcycle to a qualifying member
  • 2. Consolation prize to non or expired members drawn at the time of the draw – a year’s VMCC membership
  • Prizes must be collected from VMCC Allen House DE14 1TR
  • Recipients must fulfil all publicity and promotion requests to claim their free prize.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute, the VMCC may offer a cash settlement at the VMCC's sole discretion which will be proportionate to the cost of entry.
  • Participants in the free raffle agree to resolve any disputes by mediation with an accredited mediator.


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