Regulatory Advisory Group (RAG)

Through RAG (see current membership below) the VMCC continues to monitor legislative and other developments which might threaten the ability of riders to go on using and enjoying older machines, working together with other rider and heritage organisations to secure a safe and sustainable future for vintage and classic motorcycling.

The VMCC advocates that restoring, riding and maintaining vintage and classic motorcycles:

• provides a worthwhile hobby and enjoyment for tens of thousands of people;

• facilitates a thriving local social scene that promotes self-help and the development and maintenance of numerous practical skills;

• helps preserve an important element in Britain’s engineering heritage and supports the handing on of knowledge and enthusiasm to subsequent generations;

• supports a conservation industry worth millions of pounds to the economy;

• provides a source of interest and fascination for the wider public, through participation in events, helping to support museums and tourism as part of Britain’s rich heritage industry;

• has a good safety record (particularly when compared with other classes of vehicle);

• has a tiny environmental impact, particularly given the limited overall mileage ridden and when compared with the far greater contribution to emissions made by other classes of vehicle; and

• is ‘green’ by definition, in the preservation and recycling of machines and materials.

RAG continues to scan the horizon for any policy developments that could possibly concern our members: recent priorities include: levy charging of ‘classic' motorcycles for access to Low Emission Zones; licensing issues; access to unsurfaced roads; and fuel issues. Another new issue being explored is preventing mud being left on roads by agricultural vehicles. Over the last nine months the Group have been focused on how Club members can continue to function safely within Government COVID 19 guidelines and they are keeping this challenge under review as official rules and advice change. This includes thinking about how Sections might work within the regulations to enable the resumption of more major events like long distance trials and riding challenges so that riders either individually, or in small groups, can create their own routes between given locations and in effect participate safely in an ‘event’. News of such COVID safe innovations by Sections would be much appreciated for the benefit of all.

The COMORG ‘Riding Covid Safe’ guidelines ( ), adopted jointly with other motorcycling groups such as MAG, the BMF, ACU, IAMRoadsmart, TOMCC and the TRF, and which the VMCC helped to initiate, are an example of sensible collaborative work which has now gained police endorsement and is likely to lead to greater cooperation in future between all major motorcycling organisations.

More volunteers to help with RAG's work are always welcome.

RAG members' areas of expertise:

Roger Bibbings MBE (Convenor) - Safety and risk management, regulation, lobbying

Graham Leake- Debris and highways issues

Bernard Kuropka - Engineering

Jacqueline Bickerstaff - Legislation Committee FBHVC

Dennis Beale - Flat tankers, DVLA, C&U issues, licensing, testing

David Giles - Trials and off-road

Peter Henshaw (Records/documents keeper) - Motorcycling journalism and deep marque knowledge



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