Invitation to apply as a VMCC volunteer
This year has been a great year for volunteering, as the wider motorcycling community reassess their time spent on work and domestic chores, and volunteer to put something back by volunteering. There has been a threefold increase in people volunteering for charities during pandemic, according to figures by Reach volunteering, and we are pleased to see the VMCC is no exception.

Please click here to register your interest in volunteering for the following

Event Volunteers

Event Volunteer Roles

  • Event Director - Budget & project planning.
  • Clerk of Course & Safety Officer
  • Timekeepers
  • Marshalls
  • Volunteer Hospitality & Catering
  • Concours Organiser & Judges
  • Auto jumble Organisers

Allen House Volunteers

Library volunteers wanted every Wednesday especially the first Wednesday of each month.
Bacon rolls at 9:30 AM on Wednesday 3rd November and 1st December
Also wanted at Allen House:
  • Carpenter /handyman to fit a supplied combination lock to an inner door. – Saving the Club which will £1k per year in access control fees before the renewal in February 2022
  • An electrician to route Cat 5 cable at Allen House for a new security system.

And for Club member use:

  • A large van for taking up to 3 bikes to VMCC events - many thanks to Philip Bootherstone of Burton Section who has helped us out with Stafford saving the Club hundreds of pounds
  • A small van for use by members transporting loan bikes from the Club’s garage.
  • A secure enclosed trailer for two bikes including transporting loan bikes from the Club’s garage.

Section Officers

Many of our local Sections are looking for volunteers, and in future we will publish a list of opportunities in the Journal. If you are a Section looking for local help with arole, please email sections@vmcc.net and we will publish the vacancy in the Journal.
Diversity in the VMCC
All members of the VMCC leadership team are inclusive in their approach and will accept applications from any member, regardless of their background or professional qualifications.
We are also keen to increase diversity in all areas and levels of the organisation as well as the wider VMCC membership, and we reinforce our belief in positively supporting applications from any age, race, gender or from individuals with a disability.
Applications from members are welcome at any time, nevertheless, we are looking to receive applications in June with a view to issuing invitations and making appointments in July, or earlier for exceptional candidates.


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